Fitness Formulary is a 1-stop online retailer offering medically validated recommendations for thousands of foods, vitamins, & body products. Our patent-pending solution uses millions of clinical studies to determine effectiveness in preventing disease or pursuing health goals. We share revenue with Health Clubs who market us to their members.

America is in a health care crisis. The proliferation of diseases such as obesity, cancer, and heart disease contribute to deteriorating lifestyles and rising healthcare costs. Consumers are increasingly looking for alternative therapies at lower costs. Fitness Formulary was conceived to address this situation and to play a leading role in helping educate and guide individuals in the purchase of the right products to help them take charge of their wellness.

Fitness Formulary is a one-stop, online retailer offering medically authoritative recommendations for vitamins, minerals, supplements (VMS), organic foods, natural foods, and fitness accessories. We leverage relationships between consumers and their Health Clubs through revenue sharing which inspires these partners to promote us to their club members.

We recommend products that have “efficacy” for the treatment or prevention of medical conditions or in the pursuit of a fitness goal. “Efficacy” refers to the effectiveness of an ingredient based on medical and scientific evidence from clinical studies. Our “Efficacy Engine” is patent-pending and cannot be found anywhere else. We have a Formulary Panel of leading physicians and experts in nutrition, health, fitness, and sports medicine who test the Efficacy Engine and provide guidance.

Our Unique Value Proposition
-  Patent-pending product recommendation engine utilizing medical research to deliver trusted results
--  Patented profit sharing solution to reward clubs & personal trainers
--  1-stop shopping with everything you would find in stores like Walgreens and Whole Foods
-- Competitive pricing
-- Rich loyalty program with reward points to use in our store or for your club dues
-- Expandable to entire health insurance sector
-- International expansion capabilities
-- Seasoned management team with successful start-up experience
-- Formulary Panel of leading physicians & scientists