The Boca Brickhouse of Boca Raton is a coaching-oriented strength and conditioning facility providing instruction in all aspects of physical fitness and developing Real World Strength in individuals. “Real World Strength is defined as the ability to move through your daily life and excel at being able to do everything necessary for you to complete your days work, pain and injury free.” To do this we Provide One-on-One Personal Training, Open Floor time, Small Group classes, Daily Posted Workouts, Nutrition Counseling and Sport specific programs. Our classes are taught and all programs designed by a 20 yr Military Veteran whose primary mission was to prepare personnel for the rigorous demands of daily military life, and ensuring that they were fully prepared for missions into hostile environments. We believe in ongoing education and hands-on instruction for our clients. Training should not be random; it should be intentional, thoughtfully designed, and include initial assessments as well as periodic testing to track one’s abilities, improvements and refined programs. Training should be personally rewarding. Your investment of time and energy should produce specific worthwhile returns to your health. We are committed to doing things right. Our foremost mission is quality of training, intelligent programming, and measurable long term sustainability. Boca Brickhouse is for everyone who is serious about continuous self improvement. What we do is applicable to everyone, from teens to seniors, from dedicated hardcore athletes to the weekend warriors, from experienced gym rats to the beginners just starting to exercise. We teach high-quality movement, develop improved health, improved quality of life, and in addition we take the time to customize our training packages to your needs and desires. We will meet you where you are. Whether you train with us 1 day/ week or 5 days/ week you will get great results. The more contact we have with our clients and athletes the better results that can be obtained. The choice and level of participation is up to you, depending upon the results you are seeking. We are committed to doing things right, we care about quality movement, intelligent programming, long-term sustainability and results.