The Fitness Institute of New Mexico (FITNM) focuses not just on your physical health, but also on your emotional and mental well-being and other factors that may impact your health and fitness. Our assessments help to prevent injury or illness before they occur, by identifying risk factors associated with your lifestyle or health habits. We help identify existing and future risk factors and provide you with the tools or interventions to prevent or reverse existing problems or conditions.

We have assembled the most innovative biomedical diagnostic technologies, that go way beyond traditional fitness assessment. These devices are used by the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, NASA Space Center, ESPN Wide World of Sports, UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, just to name a few.  These state-of-the-art devices are utilized to more accurately and precisely assess your fitness and health, improve your performance, and monitor your progress to improve your fitness outcomes.

Our weight loss program is different than most weight lost programs. While other programs focus on weight loss our program focus on fat loss. So, what’s the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

We are fat loss experts. We use medical precise body composition analysis and metabolism testing to accurately determine your daily caloric need, to customize a fat loss plan that will also maintain or build your lean muscle mass.

Many people “say” they want to lose weight when the reality is, they want to change their body composition by losing fat. Unfortunately, they unknowingly end up losing muscle during their weight loss journey, which impede fat loss. So instead of being lean, if they are pear shape, they are now a smaller pear shape.

Understanding your metabolism is crucial in customizing an effective nutrition therapy or weight management program. Metabolism determines how your body uses energy, from the food that you consume. Typically, your body burns most of your energy intake when you’re at rest – not when you’re exercising. Resting metabolic rate is a simple test that accurately measures how many calories you burn when your body is at rest. It is your body’s baseline caloric requirement. This test answers the question: How much calories should you eat? The American Dietetic Association strongly recommends basing your energy needs on your resting metabolic rate. Therefore, Resting Metabolic Rate helps to set accurate individualized calorie targets to help you to lose, gain or maintain healthy weight and body composition.

It important to understand that it is the visceral or intra-abdominal fat that surrounds the internal organs, and not the weight or BMI, that leads to the development of type 2 diabetes. However, a significant number of patients who are not overweight develop type 2 diabetes. This is likely due to the fact that up to 25% of people with normal weight and BMI, have dangerous amounts of visceral fat. This phenomenon is commonly called, “Skinny-Fat or “TOFI” (Thin Outside, Fat Inside). Medically, this condition is called normal weight obesity or Metabolically-Obese-But- Normal-Weight (MONW). These individuals look lean, but are “viscerally obese”, because they have increase amount of visceral or intra-abdominal fat– the “harmful fat”, which is hidden out of sight, inside the abdomen, surrounding the liver and other abdominal organs, increasing the risk for the development type 2 diabetes.

The Diabetes Reversal Weight Loss Program is a modification of our scientifically designed, personalized, medically supervised MY NEW START weight management program. This diabetes focused program, is based on the Center of Disease Control’s curriculum, which was proven to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%. Our program, offer two pathways to effective weight loss, and diabetes reversal: Rapid Weight Loss Pathway (RWLP), and the Behavioral Lifestyle Intervention Pathway (BLIP). You will work with your physician, to decide which weight loss pathway is most appropriate to get the results, to reach your goal of diabetes prevention or reversal.

Regenerative Medicine is the field of medicine that use the body’s natural ability to heal itself, to repair or regrow damaged tissue.  Regenerative Medicine with stem cell therapy is cutting edge and represents the next frontier in medicine. The therapies provide the potential to repair and heal the condition, while providing pain relief simultaneously.