11th GSIF National Kettlebell Championship Showcases Incredible TalentGurugram, India - March 29-31, 2024The 11th GSIF National Kettlebell Championship held in Gurugram, India, from March 29-31, was a resounding success, showcasing the best kettlebell athletes from across the country. The event was attended by teams from various states, including Delhi, Assam, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh, each demonstrating exceptional skill and determination.One of the standout performances came from the Delhi team, with participants from Divine Gym Chattarpur making their mark in various kettlebell snatch and OALC categories. Led by team leader Vimlesh, the Delhi team put on a stellar display, winning a slew of medals. Vimlesh himself clinched the Gold medal in the grueling 30-minute snatch marathon, showcasing his exceptional endurance and technique.The Delhi team's success did not stop there, with other players like Purva, Shalini, Akshit, and Vikas Luthra also making significant contributions. Competing in the beginners' category, these athletes displayed remarkable skill and determination, further highlighting the depth of talent in the Delhi team.Overall, the 11th GSIF National Kettlebell Championship was a testament to the growing popularity and skill level of kettlebell sports in India. The event not only showcased the incredible talent of the participating athletes but also served as a platform to promote fitness and healthy living among the youth.