FixLogix produces modular t-slot style fixture systems for holding parts on coordinate measuring machines, optical comparators, vision systems, portable 3D arms, and non-contact 3D scanning systems.

FixLogix fixture systems are highly functional yet economical at a price point about 1/2 the industry norm. This is accomplished by producing fabricated t-slot fixture plates and components with proprietary aluminum extrusions. Also the integrated component kits are optimized for high efficiency at minimal cost. The extrusion technology allows for fabrication of very large fixture plates exceeding plate sizes produced by conventional methods.

The FixLogix system utilizes laser engraved reference scales and alpha identification of t-slots for simplified documentation of fixtures setups so that they can be easily reproduced.

The FixLogix t-slot technology has been expanded to extend the range of the product line  to modular fixture systems for optical comparators and vision systems. The fixture system is also popular for use with portable 3D measuring systems such as articulating arms, scanners, and photogrammetry systems.

FixLogix is also the national distributor for nub3d structured light scanners, and for Geodetic Systems Inc. photogrammetry systems. Nub3d and GSI are integrated together, and also both are integrated with Polyworks software from InnovMetric, for which FixLogix is also a reseller.

FixLogix offer scanning and reverse engineering services, as well as custom fixtures for part holding and inspection.