With More Service Providers On Board, FixRepair's On-demand Service in Patna .

Repair anything at Patna- "Online Electrician,Plumber,Computer Mechanic available"

start-up offering hassle-free day-to-day repair and maintenance services for homes and offices, has taken an initiative of creating job opportunities

The objective is to create a niche in this market with hassle-free maintenance services along with generating job opportunities for skilled technicians. It also aims at making this unrecognised market a respectable career.

At present, Fix Repair is catering to B2C and B2B markets with Interior Solutions, Electrical, Plumbing, A.C., Home Appliances, Carpentry, Painting, Pest Control and Deep Cleaning services.

Fix Repair aims to drive social transformation through a unique approach that looks to empower the informal sector workers. ‘’ We are driven by the idea of serving customers, better and at the same time providing the service providers, an opportunity to have a secured tomorrow ,’’ they added.

Fix Repair gives these technicians an opportunity of working under a recognized brand which in turn leads to more respect from customers, which other technicians from open market sometimes miss in the retail jobs or working under contractor.

FIX REPAIR EVERYTHING. Now at Patna. Welcome to Fix Repair. Repair Anything at Patna "Book Professionals Online Now"