Flashgate is monetizing the entrance of retail stores with analytics and digital signage portals. Flashgate has been granted a patent on its technology of combining RF/RFID signal detection with digital display technology. This patent enables Flashgate to create a system which combines traditional loss prevention capabilities with Digital Signage, integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition technology. The Flashgate systems are the first thing a customer sees when they enter the retail store allowing Flashgate to deliver advertising, report on how many customers have entered, what the customers age, gender and other demographic information is and deliver the data in an online dashboard or exported into an ERP system (SAP, IBM, Microsoft). The Flashgate systems are also the last thing a customer sees when they leave the store allowing Flashgate to deliver loss prevention capabilities with integrated video capture while also delivering a CSAT score (Customer Satisfaction). Furthermore, Flashgate future-proofs the retailer for the coming era of cashier-less checkout.   As retailers’ upgrade to RFID inventory systems, Flashgate will enable customers to checkout of the store without going through a cashier line. Flashgate was founded in July 2016 and is run by an experienced management team with previous successful businesses.