Press Release

Toronto, Canada, November 11, 2018

FlatLaws.com (formerly flatlaw.ca) is a directory of lawyers, paralegals and other legal service providers who provides flat-rate legal services to the public. Founded in 2013 by lawyer and programmer Addison Cameron-Huff, Flatlaws.com seek to connect the public with legal service providers for free in order to increase access to justice while focusing on flat rate for these services in order to ensure fairness and pre-determined low cost with no surprises.

After few years of successfully serving Canadian lawyers, and in light of increase demand, Flatlaws.com now expends its service to allow lawyers, paralegals and legal service providers (e.g., legal software, legal delivery, legal startups etc.) in Canada, the  US, UK and Australia - to advertise their services for free.

For any additional information please contact Shem Goltz at info@flatlaws.com.