Flatlift TV Lift Systeme is the Producer of the world wide known FLATLIFT® TV Lift Products. FLATLIFT® has a very wide selection of various TV Lift Systems. Flatlift Pop-Up for furniture integration. This System Lifts up you TV out of a furniture. The FLATLIFT® Slimline Ceiling TV lift folds down a Flat TV from the plasterboard. With the FLATLIFT® Frame-O-Lift you can hide a TV in a wall behind a drawing or painting. At a touch of a button the painting moves up and the Flat TV is in sight. FLATLIFT® LCD Monitor Lift allows to integrate your PC or Conference monitors into a conference table. FLATLIFT® Slider moves your TV out of a wall. FLATLIFT® custom made department creates and manufactures custom made TV Lift solutions for designers & interior designers. FLATLIFT® 50 carats Diamond furniture are the worlds most exclusive furnitures. The 50 carats Diamond furniture is a special automated design furniture for special customers. More info you can find here: http://www.flatlift.net