Today, over 1 out 3 working Americans are Millennials, eclipsing all other generations in the labor force.  Fledge was designed for the Digital Generations [Millennial/Gen X], who are business professionals that are technology & collaboration obsessed, celebrate diversity, social good and are creative, multi-taskers like no other generation before them.  Fledge was inducted earlier this year into Startup Grinds “Top 50” who represent the elite class of entrepreneurial stars from around the world.   Startup Grind Global vetted over 6,000 applicants from 115 countries.   Fledge was 1st introduced, on Feb 13th from Fox Theatre’s big stage in Silicon Valley. Today’s Professionals do not have a single unified platform to network and communicate for business in Live-Time. There are Professional, Travel, Car Service, Reservations & Location apps but there are no apps that deliver an Integrated Platform for Today’s Professionals. Fledge provides a Single Pane of Glass, with an Integrated Experience, that helps Today’s its Professional users Act in the Moment to Connect Better, Work Smarter  & Accelerate Business. Fledge uses a proprietary Ice Breaker system that allows our users to create their own Private Business Network, dynamically connecting Fledgers with other Fledgers, who share common traits; like their College, B-School, Fraternity/Sorority, Special Interests or Favorite sports teams. Fledge provides a Data Dignity Promise and never sells its users data.