About Fleet Miami
Fleet Miami offers its members a lifestyle experience once only available to the owners of a superyacht fleet. Now, instead of the traditional options of chartering a yacht or buying a yacht, there is a third and innovative option–membership in the exclusive Fleet Miami Yachting Membership Club.

Fleet Miami continues to grow, currently offering nine luxury yachts ranging in style and size from 36 to 154 feet, and guarantees its members the highest standard of quality and luxury regardless of their entry level into yachting.

Flexibility is the cornerstone of the Fleet Miami membership package, and its yachts are never far from the action. From St. Barth and the Caribbean in the winter to St. Tropez, Ibiza and the Mediterranean in the summer, to the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. from Florida to the Hamptons, Fleet Miami not only provides its members with access to a wide range of vessels, but to the sought-after destinations that round out an exceptional yachting experience.