FlexiEle Consulting Services is a Software Development Company providing cloud based HRMS and Payroll solutions. Our Cloud based application is provided as Software as a Services.
Existing Suit has nine modules helping clients in managing their HR processes from hire to retire life cycle of an employee.
•     Human Resources Management
•     Mobile Solutions
•     Payroll processing and implementation
•     Leave Management
•     Business Intelligence
•     Attendance Management
•     Exit Management
•     Invoice Management
•     Online helpdesk for employees
We also provide –
•     Oracle Apps HR consulting
•     Taleo Consulting
•     HR Functional consulting
FlxexiEle is conceptualized with the vision to provide a giant ERP application to cater the ever growing business needs around the globe. Flexible to provide the most customizable solutions to ever changing customer needs. Hence the name FlexiEle, derived from Flexible Elephant, ERP as giant as an Elephant yet FLEXIBLE.
At present, we are managing HRMS and processing payroll for more than 14 companies and around 20,000 employees per month (Diversified corporate, multi legal entities). Our USP is most advanced technology, flexible and cost effective solutions to minimize your HR cost. Our products and services are accessible through mobile as well.