FlexxSonic Corporation is manufacturer, importer and marketer of Over-The-Counter (OTC), first to market, health and beauty product innovations which are sold through various channels. FlexxSonic’s topical formulations incorporate an advanced manufacturing technology along with sonic application devices that provide first- to-market innovative product lines and strong competitive advantage. The patent-pending product lines enable our customers to live a more active and productive life pain free.

FlexxSonic™ Pain Relief Gel is a greaseless, odorless, and effective topical pain which contains powerful capsaicin plus Glucosamine and MSM, two powerful natural ingredients that helps support maximum flexibility, joint lubrication and maintenance for healthy cartilages and connective tissues.  FlexxSonic™ Maximum Pain Relief Gel conveniently packaged with FDA-Listed FlexxSonic™ Therapeutic Massager provides the most effective OTC pain relief therapy in the market.