The mission of Flint Hills Publishing is to help emerging authors bring their work into the world in a way that suits the individual needs of the author.  While technology has created wonderful publishing opportunities, there are also many examples of new authors being treated poorly. A former litigator for the disenfranchised, Flint Hills President Thea Rademacher is determined to protect the legal and financial rights of any author the company assists.

Flint Hills Publishing is not a "vanity press." We will evaluate each submission and if we feel the project and the author are a good fit, we will design a publishing contract based on your objectives. Each project is different: we are here to help you develop your book, provide a variety of levels of editing, navigate technological hurdles, and market your work.

We have two imprints. Our children's division, Prairie Dog Press, and a spiritual/metaphysical division, Light Matters Publishing.

We work hand-in-hand with each of our authors, helping them to create their very best possible work, develop their platforms, and in many cases, help them to launch speaking careers.

For more information, see our website: www.flinthillspublishing.com