Flips Bracelet - Artistically designed to improve yourself by creating an easy way to maintain good  habits and achieving your goals.

It is unique and natural, handmade and personalized, beautiful to wear and with a hidden agenda to better ourselves. 

The bracelet was designed for self-improvement, shaping out better habits or even simplifying our daily tasks. It can be a great tool for so many people.

Everyone motivated to achieve self growth.Children - motivating  them to do different chores or achieve their goals and create good habits. Autistic children and children with down syndrome - helping them remember the things they need to do through out the day.Elderly people - as a reminder bracelet, to take medications and do other simple tasks that slip their minds.

Flips Bracelet works because: 

It is a reminder you can always see.

It is a trigger - 
A trigger is one of the suggestions to help you succeed. The trigger is the thing that reminds you to do the habit you are  trying to establish. Flips Bracelet works as the trigger !  

It creates Accountability - 
With Flips Bracelet visually appealing design, you will always have a conversation piece everywhere you go, which in effect will constantly hold you accountable to what you intend to do. By sharing your bracelet with others, you will verbally continuously hold yourself more and more accountable to your goals.

It’s 100% tech-free. 
The world is glued to their phones enough as it is. Flips bracelet will help achieve your goals without distracting you from them, like an app might do.

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