Floating Luxuries is located on the beautiful Mississippi gulf coast. They are a locally owned company that specializes in luxury floating products. Floating Luxuries creates and manufactures patent pending products that are all made in the USA. They are proud to be the innovative creators and the only ones to offer such a line of luxury pool products. The idea and products started with a tropical vacation by the company's founder Laura Baldridge-Starmer. The company known today as Floating Luxuries has persevered, endured and evolved to be a cooperative effort between the two original innovators Laura Baldridge-Starmer and Jean Carroll. The two women teamed up in early July 2008 to begin researching, developing and prototyping the original product known today as The Kai Lounge. The pair continues to research and develop other wonderful products that many happy customers are currently enjoying. Laura and Jean are still hard at work on many additional items and lines yet to be unveiled over the next few seasons. The women are friends as well as business partners and have managed to emerge as the industry pioneers.

In October of 2008 the ladies added an important element to their business; they brought on their Operations Manager and partner Jason Barker. Jason brought to the company new ideas and strengths and the three have managed to create a solid foundation for a long standing company. The company as a whole has the support of many loyal customers and large businesses. They are pleased to recently announce the addition of Sean Smith and Tom Baldridge to the team.

Floating Luxuries is currently involved in multiple catalog lineups for the Spring/Summer 2010.  They are also experiencing much success with the Hospitality Industry and their guests.  The first hotel to carry the Kai Lounge products from Floating Luxuries was the World Reknowned Little Palm Island.  The company has since experienced much growth with the addition of other resorts and hotels.