We design, manufacture, deliver and install suspended concrete floors and precast stairs. One of the reasons that our clients choose to work with us, is that we provide a tailored service.

A national home builder does not require the same type of service as a self-builder, and we have the know-how and resources to satisfy the requirements of both.
Beam and block floor manufacturers
Floorspan's fleet of specialised precast beam & block concrete delivery and installation vehicles
In construction, there are too many companies that ‘pass the buck,’ providing the lightest, least involved service possible and turning a quick profit. We are a precast company that think about how we fit in to your project and make a point of considering all the variables. Meaning we quote you for a product that avoids wasted labour, materials and costs down the line.

Transparency means that we actively try to be clear about what we do, how we do it and why. This means you can rely on us for: no hidden or unexpected costs, clear communication and active listening. Our customers lean on us as their precast concrete suppliers year in year out and our relationships are frank, open and productive.

The importance of a proactive and positive approach cannot be overstated. Without this attitude, quality falls by the wayside and important details are overlooked.
Floorspan Contracts Ltd started when MD Nick Dighton saw that local builders could benefit from greater access to beam & block flooring solutions. Not only because of a lack of high quality materials, but also a lack of know-how and expertise.

That was back in 1997, and since then Floorspan has become one of the largest precast concrete companies in the UK.

The team is made up of various departments all working together towards the common goal of manufacturing, delivering and installing an exceptionally high standard of bespoke precast concrete solutions.

We have worked hard to retain the family values that we were built upon whilst developing as a modern, national concrete flooring manufacturer.

Concrete Supplier

We operate out of a 5 acre production facility in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. What started out as a single floor beam production bed has grown into a precast concrete floor manufacturing plant with a potential output that makes us a leader in the precast flooring industry.

We have worked hard and invested heavily to be able to offer some of the best lead times and highest product standards in the industry.

Throughout all of our operations, both onsite and off, health and safety is priority one. All staff are given full health and safety training and regulations are upheld at all times.

Whether you have been working with us for many years or would like to explore a brand new opportunity, we invite you to visit our site, meet the team and get an idea of how we work.
Our production facility is located in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. We are ideally situated to provide a competitive service to the following parts of the UK:
East Anglia
North London
The Home Counties
South Lincolnshire
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