Flow Management Devices (Flow MD) manufactures a complete line of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers and accessories.   Our small volume provers set the standard in the industry for superior design and functionality, with an innovative and patented drive end, we have raised the bar in prover design.

Flow MD incorporates state-of-the-art design technologies to provide our customers a superior designed, safe and easy to operate prover. We offer a comprehensive line of small volume provers reinforcing FMD’s position as the Technological Leader in Captive Displacement Provers. Our line of provers includes twelve sizes with flow ranges from 100 GPM to 24,500 GPM (142 BPH to 35,000 BPH) Mounting options include permanent installation or truck/trailer mounting for field proving.

Proving flow meters is an important part of any measurement process. Proving meters on a regular basis eliminates inaccuracies caused by product and process variations ensuring accurate measurements for process control, allocations or custody transfer while reducing financial uncertainties and maintaining profitability.

Flow MD's small volume provers are used to verify the accuracy of flowmeters in the following applications:  
•    Truck, Train or Offshore load racks,
•    Test or calibration labs
•    Pipelines
•    Refineries
•    Cryogenic applications
•    Chemical processing

As a company, we believe our customers are vital to our continued success, and we strive for Customer Service excellence by continually and relentlessly improving all aspects of our business. Flow MD’s patented prover design provides an accurate and fast measurement with minimal product displacement. Designed to be easy to operate, with self- diagnostics and long wearing seals.  

Our product quality is outstanding, and we back that belief with a (4) four-year warranty (seal excluded), the longest in the industry. The Flow MD line of Unidirectional Captive Displacement Provers incorporates Double Chronometry as recognized by API 4.6 and is in compliance with API 4.2 Direct Master Meter Proving.