OSUNGO™ is a brand under the umbrella of ConnecteDevice. The name OSUNGO is synonymous to eco-friendliness and the product range includes energy efficient mobile chargers and related smart power supplies designed in Europe. FlowerPower is the brand’s 2013 series of decorative and energy-saving mobile chargers.

ConnecteDevice Ltd, the parent company of OSUNGO, is a global business specializing in the manufacture, design and development of technology-driven, visionary products and services in the mobile accessories and appcessories field, the fast growing category of smartphone accessories working with an app.

With engineers in the USA and Hong Kong, industrial designers in Europe, a strong manufacturing team in China, and a quality control team from Hong Kong, ConnecteDevice develops cutting-edge technologies to create intelligent and intuitive fashion-forward designed products.

ConnecteDevice’s other brands and offerings include Bluetrek™ award-winning wireless mobile accessories, COOKOO™ connected watch and Bob the LostDog™ artistic eco-friendly mobile accessories.