Ian McGrady is Flowers Media.  Ian's deepest purpose is to realize the truth of knowledge and art.  

Ian is presently CMO at Blue Lotus SIDC, where he is co-authoring a business novel with CTO Jeffrey Bolden about a massive systems integration and data conversion project.  

Ian also is executive producer of Zeta Vang's new 11 track album, White Lights Go Bang.  It features 11 songs written by Jerome Kapeller, with co-writes featuring multiplatinum producer Daniel Wise, who produced the Scissor Sisters, and Larry Dvoskin, whose multi-gold credits include Meredith Brooks, David Bowie, and more.  

Ian's deepest purpose is to realize the truth in all aspects of expression, and media is no exception to truthful statements.  My work is my bond with my client and the public to reveal the truth in both its beautiful and inconvenient moments, in a way that moves projects forward under all conditions.