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We're delighted to present the award winning spray tan Beaubronz, which until now has not been available in the Manchester area. The product was founded by beauty presenter and radio broadcaster Abigail Oleck, who was unhappy with current tanning solutions.

Ever wanted to achieve that natural sun kissed look but didn’t want to go in the sun?

BeauBronz is a little secret passed on amongst friends in the media and beauty industry. There is no substitute! Award Winning BeauBronz is an environmentally aware company, with a progressive approach to the beauty industry. We offer natural spray tanning solutions of the highest quality, none of which are tested on animals at any time in their production, and are without a doubt the finest on the market.

About us

BeauBronz seeks to provide natural spray tanning solutions that contain luxurious, paraben free and certified organic ingredients. BeauBronz tanning products are the finest since they are free from harsh chemicals, drying alcohol, are odourless and can be customised to meet the needs of the client.

The FlutterBy Team

The flutterby team are highly professional spray tanning technicians with the latest spray tanning technology, providing an efficient spray tanning experience in the comfort of your own home