Welcome to FlyGreen, a virtual airline made for pilots enjoying the simulation of an airline with the X-Plane and/or FSX simulator applications. Fly Green Virtual provides a unique and fun network for routes from various divisions. Our Operations department contains a full list of those routes. Pilots move aircrafts on these routes transporting passenger and cargo load based on an economical simulation. We offer the most realistic virtual simulation of airline operations combining flight simulation and economic simulation.

Fly Green Virtual Airline offers a range of different aircraft to be used within corporate flights. From lightweight training aircraft, general aviation and heavy metal jets, all aircraft are assigned to different divisions, where the division pilots can book the legs out of those schedules.

The FlyGreen virtual airline operations invites pilots to fly their favorite routes from a comprehensive scheduled flight list. Currently FlyGreen Virtual Airlines serves 150 destinations around the globe and a total of 434 different routes.

Depending on the pilot rank, many different flights can be selected for flying. Each division offers different routes to select from. Visit our website at www.flygreenva.net to view division routes.

Routes and Economy

For every airport operated by FlyGreen virtual airline routes, an economical supply and demand is simulated. Passengers and cargo loads are dispatched to the different routes. Pilots flying routes from airline operations are provided with specific passenger and cargo loads which are assigned to their requested aircraft.

Services at www.flygreenva.net allow virtual pilots to find a list of services FlyGreen Virtual Airline offers, tutorial information for pilots, links to information about flying, etc.

Current Implementation/Development Plan

FlyGreen virtual airline system is constantly being improved and developed. Here you can monitor your status and be informed about what is coming next:

Co-Pilot functionallity
Improvement of pax and cargo distribution and statistics of the economical simulation.
Improving personal pilot statistics - merge the VirtualPilot application functions.
Pilot achievement system
Tours and Charter handling

W are recruiting virtual pilots for the X-Plane flight simulator and the FSX.

Visit our Organization at www.flygreenva.net to join us.