When users land on Flyrt.net they are presented with links to 8 social communities: www.FlirtDog.com, www.Flyrt.live, www.FlirtingInTraffic.com, www.FlirtingOnCampus.com, www.Frampus.com, www.Flirt.dog, www.NeighborlyFriends.com & www.LocalAreaLive.com, each having its own specific purpose in everyday life in order to provide something for everyone.
Each site links a real-life ID element to their profile (a bumper sticker, an ID tag, a wrist band, a key chain, etc). Each element is printed with a unique ID that links to user profiles, and by displaying the ID element as an accessory on their person or property, users are now searchable and can securely meet people in real-time, in real-life, and online. Philips states, "You already know what the person looks like because you've seen them in real life already. Their online photo provides additional recall. It is for all people who want to meet other people after they've made contact somewhere in everyday life."
Flirting in Traffic has already exceeded 100,000 page hits in April 2018 and is paving the way for the entire Flyrt network to grow and become one of the top social communities in the market. Flirt.dog allows for Dogs to flirt along with their owners and users can create dog and human profiles. Frampus and Flirting on Campus are mainly for college students to be able to meet and make friends easier. Neighborly Friends is mainly for luxury apartment residents to be able to meet and get to know other residents where it is difficult to make actual contact. "Our target is to have at least 1000 members on each of the sites in our network by Labor Day 2018, but we don’t want to stop there," said Philips. "Flyrt's network is constantly evolving so register now and check back often."