Can you teach your smart phone pics new tricks?  The creators of FoTrix think you can.  This brand new app, which debuted in the iTunes store, is fast becoming a hilarious success.

FoTrix and the recently upgraded FoTrix HD for the iPad allows users to edit photos from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch library with text bubbles, thought bubbles or labels right on the image and email or post it to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

This app comes with the ability to manipulate pictures with a robust collection of wacky clip art. Options include giving your friends or yourself a new hairstyle, or that killer body you’ve always wanted. How about adding animals, giant hair, beards, goofy hats, holiday adornments and hundreds more? There are dozens of ways to twist, tweak and trick out any picture. Best of all, anything that you add is easily repositioned, rotated or resized.

FoTrix for iPad also allows users to handwrite or paint messages on any photo or image on the screen.

“The options for creativity are endless. People are playing with FoTrix on line and in social media settings in ways we never anticipated,” states Troy Mikell, Marketing Director for developers AppGeneration, Inc. “It has obviously taken on a life of its own.”

FoTrix and FoTrix HD are available in English, Spanish and French and costs just .99 cents and $2.99 in the iTunes store.

Troy Mikell