Our mission is to deliver project management solutions that are objective, practical, personalized, and deliver quantifiable results for our partners. With each client engagement, we deliver a project management solution that meets your unique business challenge while taking into consideration your distinctive corporate culture.

Over the last two decades, firm members have worked for or provided project and program management consulting services to companies that include Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Union Bank of California, Arthur Andersen, Financial Engines, Advisor Partners, and several non-profit organizations. This varied exposure allows us to draw on our experience for the best possible proven solution. We are confident that Fog City Consulting can help your business address its needs successfully time and time again.

Our solutions are objective, practical, personalized, and deliver quantifiable results. To assist you with you project management solutions, we have designed a full suite of services in the following areas:

• Organizational Advancement
• Project Delivery
• Training and Professional Development