Follow Magazine is written by creators for creators. It’s all about artists growing their audience online. We search out artists who are doing what they love and connecting with their communities of interest. We ask them the questions you wish you could.

We want to learn from each other, which is why interviews with independent creators are the cornerstone of our content. How did you get such a big Instagram following? What’s the best platform to distribute creative work? Do you have to be on Twitter all day, every day?

Follow Magazine delves into the detail of online arts marketing.

In each issue, you will find
•     interviews with independent creators
•     articles about arts marketing from influencers and thinkers
•     infographics to give you ideas you can apply right now
•     a list of digital tools discussed in each issue and how to use them
•     inspirational quotes to spur you on
•     regular updates from inside a real social media campaign

Does your creative work have the audience it deserves? Whether you are a musician, an author, a filmmaker, a visual artist, a craft worker or some other species of creator, Follow Magazine gives you the tools and inspiration you need to grow your audience online.

However you express yourself there has never been a better time in history to be an independent creator. The internet gives you direct access to the people who want to love what you do. All you need to do is connect with them.

The tools that we focus on are specifically about finding, building and engaging with an audience. Follow Magazine believes that today the single biggest factor enabling creators to find an audience is social media. We bring you the digits, but we always remember that we are talking about real individuals and meaningful creative endeavours.

The articles and interviews inside Follow Magazine are presented with beautiful full-page images and compelling video and audio content.

We believe your work deserves to be seen. Our job is done when you have found your audience.

A great mix of contributors looking at differing ways to tackle what, for many of us, is a difficult yet necessary part of sharing our art. I am looking forward to the coming issues of ‘Follow’.
Diana, Australia

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