My Passion for all things “foodie” began at a very young age while growing up on a farm in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California. My grandparents and parents grew numerous fruits and vegetables, including my favorites: sweet tomatoes, corn on the cob, strawberries, melons, squash, chili, and cucumbers. My father was a man who took great pride in working the land and to this day harvest the Thompson seedless grape, which results into my favorite dried fruit, the raisin.

I was taught as a youngster how important it was to consume good quality food, and how to tell the difference between a ripe tasty melon and a green not so ripe one, just by the touch and sound. I was blessed with both sides of the family having a fondness for food, so I grew up creating recipes with both grandma’s, spending quality time together, having fun, and creating “Minorpieces” that have culminated to this day’s Masterpieces of mine.

My first created cookie was at the young age of 10 years and I named them “Christine’s Cookies”. My siblings told me the cookies were not so tasty, but that did not discourage me; consequently, I was encouraged, improved upon the recipe, and soon won over their critical acclaim. My baking along with creative gourmet dinners got me out of cleaning on the home front and this was the start of my journey in collecting and creating recipes.

When I reached college I wanted to extend my passion for food fortunately, California State University Fresno at the heart of the San Joaquin Valley had Food Science as an offered major, so I enrolled. I was captivated by the chemistry of food and graduated with honors to become a Microbiologist, working for a California based organic juice company.

Plating microbes and looking for yeast and molds was not my cup of tea, so I left to find a job where I could interact with people. Selling cars for Enterprise Car Sales was my next endeavor, followed by Commercial Real Estate where I placed numerous start up companies into their “dream” business. I soon realized I wanted to own my “dream” business one day. To that end, I began creating recipes for all kinds of cookies, to salads, to entire meals and quickly realized that baking was the most challenging and rewarding to me.

I would create cookies as gifts to my friends and family and I would be so pleased when they loved them and demanded that I start my own business to bring these into the world. I took the plunge for my passion, cooking and baking. I always considered myself a “Foodie”, so the name came naturally, “Foodie Amor, I translate to, (for the love of food), and decided that it would make a lovely name for a cookie company.

I believe food is the universal language, and you can put a smile on almost anyone’s face if they are happy with what they are consuming, especially if the food is made with the best ingredients, all natural and no preservatives and that is what Foodie Amor stands for, using the finest ingredients and creating cookies and brownies that suit many palettes, organic, gluten free, just to name a few options. I am so pleased to finally follow my passion for food, and to offer everyone a taste of heavenly great products, made the old fashioned way.