The National Council For Better Schools' unyielding commitment to bring free and low expense technologies  to schools through our EDTECH Program encompasses the formation of a very new strategic relationship between the private sector and U.S. education systems.  While we have developed numerous technologies, services and programs, our primary goal is to increase student achievement implementing our six core objectives:          
1. Improve teacher/parent communication with T.I.C.E.P. technology.

2. Bring state of the art technology to all schools with the participation of the private sector.

3. Provide assistive technologies related to early career development for U.S. public school students.

4. Improve the development of student professional competences through our  S.I.D.S. service.

5. Provides schools with "Active Shooter" real time mitigation tools and training through our NEAN service.

6. To help school systems more adequately address the impact of bullying of students by other students utilizing our proprietary technology that provides immediate intervention for victims.