Forced Results is committed to helping YOU create the most outstanding body and healthy lifestyle you can possibly have.

Based in the Hills District of Sydney NSW, the Forced Results team is mobile throughout Australia and Overseas.

Our experience in ultimate body and lifestyle management has us travelling to our clients where ever they may be. We also offer live-in lifestyle and weight management programs in Sydney each month.

Specialising in:

   * Weight Loss and Special Event Preparation
   * Body Conditioning
   * Functional Strength
   * Corporate Health Management

Established by Dane Simmonds, Forced Results utilise nutrition science and exercise innovation for high performance conditioning.  

We deliver outstanding results to clients who had previously been unable to achieve their goals via traditional personal training or gym-based methods.
Many personal trainers will proclaim to be experienced, the biggest or the best in the fitness industry. The reality is that there are a few who lead industry development and many who follow … often without knowing why or where they are headed.

We really know what works and just as importantly, we know what doesn’t!

Forced Results distant themselves from the latte sipping personal trainers who use the “One size fits all” training concept.

We work very hard and put the PERSONAL back into personal training. We provide the right guidance, motivation, positive direction, experienced instruction and coaching with scientifically proven techniques.