Forecast Health brings actionable and affordable predictive analytics solutions to hospital systems. While there is a widespread recognition of the power of predictive analytics and big data, the benefits and applications of these have been usually restricted to the largest and most advanced hospital systems. Forecast Health takes the learnings across the industry, packages it, and delivers analytics to help systems select and manage risk. The company is the first of its kind that will deliver such advanced predictive analytics at a cost that is affordable to all health systems

The company utilizes machine learning and text mining big data technologies to integrate EHR, claims, laboratory, and consumer data to support strategic marketing activities and care management for hospitals, with business impact that is guaranteed. Forecast Health guarantees savings from use of its analytics to reduce CMS penalties, increase in Medicare Shared Savings Program gain share, reduce inappropriate total cost of care, and increase membership growth.

Forecast Health was founded in 2014 by a seasoned team with experience in care delivery, health care analytics and big data technologies. They have a strategic collaboration with UNC Health Care to develop actionable and affordable analytics that deliver on the promise of predictive analytics and big data to health systems. Forecast Health is based in Durham, NC. Learn more at http://www.ForecastHealth.com or contact them at Hello@ForecastHealth.com.