Forests Forever was founded in 1989 during the historic campaign to save the Headwaters ancient redwood forest in Humboldt County, California. Our efforts helped galvanize the broad-based public awareness and outcry that led to that and other forest victories across the state.

For more than 25 years we have been rallying Californians in defense of the state’s 17 million acres of woodland ecosystems and watersheds through year-round education, grassroots organizing, litigation, work in elections, and executive-branch and legislative advocacy.

Our mission: To protect and enhance the forests and wildlife habitat of California through educational, legislative, and electoral activities.

Forests Forever is a California non-profit corporation operating under IRS code section 501(c)(4). Our Federal Employer ID Number is 68-0201338. The Forests Forever Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1998, carries out research, litigation, public education and administrative advocacy. Its Federal Employer ID Number is 94-3244942.Both organizations are governed by a volunteer board of directors, with each member elected to a three-year term.

Over the years Forests Forever and/or Forests Forever Foundation have been co-plaintiffs in successful litigation at the state and federal levels, sponsored legislation that was signed into law (for example, Assembly Bill 1504, authored by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, which seeks to quantify how much CO2 is sequestered by California’s forests), published a book (“Forests Forever: Their Ecology, Restoration and Protection”) now on the shelves in almost 1000 libraries worldwide, and educated and activated thousands of California citizens in the cause of protecting their state’s forests.

Contributions to Forests Forever Foundation are tax-deductible. Contributions to Forests Forever, however, are not because it engages in grassroots lobbying and electoral activity.

Thanks for your interest — and vital help — in our work!