HOTforms123 unique technology allows anyone with no programming knowledge or skill to easily create, publish, and manage sophisticated rich media “mini web portals” to send and collect data from the web . In fact, with our technology, anyone can quickly build effective online promotion and marketing campaigns including voice and video product demonstrations, display ads, shopping cart ads (Our proprietary technology allowing you to complete transaction through a self contained display ad), as well as contact forms, event registration, help and support forms, web surveys, polls, data collection, and data management, interactive messaging forms, etc. All submissions and transactions are collected and posted to accounts immediately, and in real-time. Users may also get instant notifications via SMS of each and every submission. They will never lose contact with visitors, and never miss an opportunity when they are out and about!
HOTforms123’s unique technology also allows real-time customization, editing and updating of individual items, even after distribution to thousands of outlets.
What we do:

• Web forms that function as mini-applications or widgets.
• Viewers interact with these forms or mini-applications without leaving the host site.
• Our users are in full control, and everything happens in real time. No agencies, no webmasters, no IT professionals. Users interact directly with viewers, and viewers interact with users.

These propositions would significantly change the current model of online form creation. It would provide equal benefits for everyone. Users would benefit by cost and time savings, as well as improved and enhanced technology to interact with new and existing customers. New and interactive content keeps the viewer’s attention on the host sites and keeps them coming back for more. Lastly, viewers and consumers benefit by a more enhanced and improved web experience. HOTforms123 and our new technology would bring these propositions to life.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between “people” and “the web”, through innovative and simple technology. We will introduce ways to quickly and easily create, update, and publish fully interactive web mini portals without any design or programming knowledge, and without any interaction with complicated and expensive applications, software, service, or professionals.

The Opportunity

Ready to interact with your visitors in a whole new way? How about getting some accurate customer feedbacks, surveys, polls? Any event registration, and or evaluations?
HOTforms123 allows YOU to enhance YOUR very own online web presence in minutes! Simply select from 100’s of templates, customize it with your content, logos, graphics, messages... and you are done.

While web forms are ubiquitous on the web, the process of creating and distributing new and interactive content is time consuming and requires specialized skills. Currently, the technology used to create and distribute web forms greatly limits the variety of the content delivered, and greatly inhibits the level of user
interactivity. Interactive web content such as bi-directional text, audio, and video messaging is entirely absent from the current industry. Furthermore, once a form is created and published, the task of editing and updating the form is impossible.

With HOTforms123 anyone can quickly and easily create fully interactive rich media web forms incorporating advanced components and web services. This process takes place with minimal or no programming knowledge, or the need for webmasters, IT professionals, . A simple and intuitive web interface gives the users full control to seamlessly connect, create, edit, and publish new forms to thousands of web outlets.