Foster Survey Company has Registered Licensed RI Professional Land Surveyors serving all of Rhode Island.

How we will meet your need:

We will meet your need by dedicating a Professional Land Surveyor with over 27 years of surveying experience, utilizing the latest high-tech surveying equipment, specifically to your survey.

We respect your need for timely and expert service and will meet this need with the value added by having the expert you hire be the actual person working on your survey and communicating directly with you.

In our years of experience in land surveying we have developed methods and systems that provide highly productive, cost-effective, and high performance value added service to our many satisfied clients.

What you will get:

In addition to providing knowledgeable, timely, and cost-effective professional land surveying services, you will receive three more important benefits:


You will save money and time on all future work. Our control and surveys will accurately provide for future needs and services that you may require. We believe that in providing value added professional land surveying services we deliver the most cost-effective solution to you.


You will have a Professional Land Surveyor, Eric D. Colburn, PLS, with over 27 years of surveying experience dedicated to you and your survey.


You will benefit from the high performance and quality of our high-tech advanced surveying equipment, computer systems, and surveying systems, including: Robotic Total Stations, Global Positioning Systems, and the latest version of AutoCAD.