A personal injury accident can be devastating to the victim and family members.  Serious injuries can include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and other significant or life-threatening injuries often requiring prolonged hospitalization and long-term rehabilitation.  Sadly, some victims with major injuries succumb to their injuries, with a terrible loss experienced by the surviving family.  It is important to have representation from a firm recognized as knowledgeable and experienced in large and complex injury and accident cases.  Insurance companies typically attempt to settle quickly, for less than a case is worth, redirect blame and withhold available compensation.  Insurance companies investigate accidents, particularly ones with catastrophic injuries and fatalities, and the insurance adjusters can be intimidating and the process complex.  Fox, Goldblatt & Singer, P.C. can protect the rights to compensation and represent the best interests of clients inside and outside the courtroom, or with an injury insurance claim.