About Framework MI, Inc.
Framework MI, Inc., based in Cincinnati Ohio, provides custom software, including revenue cycle solutions, “Big Data,” audit, workflow, reporting, analytics, and a host of other products and consulting services to healthcare organizations/providers across a wide spectrum of the healthcare continuum, (IDN, Hospitals, Physicians, Pharmacies, Payors, Revenue Cycle Vendors, Drug Manufacturers, etc.)  All products and services are provided in a highly configurable format.  
We deliver software and products designed to optimize reimbursements, improve financial models, access real-time reporting, monitor audit risks, aggregate meaningful data, connect trading partners through robust systems that drive root cause analysis, streamlined work flows, automation of complex or time-consuming tasks, performance tracking, capture of lost revenue, audit management (RAC, MIP, PIP, etc.), manufacturing reporting, and best practice modeling.  In addition to our flagship product “Cleo Suite©” and “Cleopatra©”, we offer system design, project development/management, IT solutions, and consulting services to help clients maximize resources and ROI.  
Framework MI – Framing Business, Streamlining Analysis, Predicting Outcomes.  
For more information, please visit our website at www.frameworkmi.org, or via voice: 513-444-2165