Franca Rebecci is a boutique Brazilian Truffle company founded by Anna Sarti in Los Angeles. The Fanca and Rebecci families have handed down their italian technique and brazilian recipe for generations. Anna inherited these secrets and combined them into a treasure too sweet not to share. Truffles, cannoli, and cones can be ordered directly at www.francarebecci.com with a smaller selection available via Uber Eats. Franca Rebecci is delighted to provide custom creations which are perfect for coordinating with wedding colors or recreating that special someone’s favorite flavor. Dietary and allergy modifications such as nut, gluten, and soy free or vegan are readily available on the website or upon request. Follow Franca Rebecci on Instagram @franca_rebecci_truffles on Facebook FrancaRebecciTruffles and Twitter @FrancaRebecciT.