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Daniel is known for his honest and straight-forward approach to the Attorney-Client relationship. Clients are provided with a direct phone line, to Dan.

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We strive to deliver cutting edge, strategic services to our clients to help them achieve their goals. We are a hard working, energetic, skilled & deeply committed to serving our clients. We strive to provide direct and timely communication throughout all the stages of our representation.
Family Law

Divorce, child custody disputes and other family law matters can be painful and difficult to go through. Working with a California family law attorney who is prepared to help you identify your goals and adopt a plan for achieving those goals can go a long way toward relieving the stress of your situation.
Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges and are contemplating using a public defender etc., contact us for a FREE consultation before you do anything else. Having a skilled and knowledgeable attorney on your side throughout the criminal process will be extremely valuable to your overall chances of success.