Our organized work flow, and years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering and manufacturing has made us the leader in providing excellent business solutions for B2B manufacturing facilities like automotive OEMs, machining vendors, special component manufacturers, etc.

We assist in the growth of our client's businesses by improving their service quality, enhancing their business processes, and improving resource utilization; thus improving overall productivity and ROI of their business.

Our Potential :
Since most of the associates of Freedom Software were from the mechanical engineering domain. The pain involved in operating a manufacturing business is well understood by the team FSS. We can quickly grasp the problem area of your business and lay a proper plan in no time for a clear-cut optimization.

The Solutions Freedom Software provides,
1. Freedom On-Premise entERPrise
2. Freedom Cloud ientERPrise
3. Smart CRM
4. Customized application for customer specific requirement

Industries we serve,
Manufacturing Industries like, Machining, Forging, Moulding, Casting, Pressing, Fabrication, Rubber, Fasteners
Also for Assembly, Trading, Pharma & Construction industries

Why do you need an ERP ?
* To have an easy and quick access to the up to date business information
* To manage accounts and finance at ease
* To automate repetitive process to save time and resources
* To improve efficiency by reducing errors
* To provide growth measurement through performance metrics

Why choose Freedom ERP Software ?
1. Flexible deployment, ability to manage processes for multiple divisions or locations
2. Can customize the software based on the specific needs of your businesses
3. On premises & offshore technical support
4. No hidden cost
5. A Combination of  Young & Experienced dynamic team
6. Rich domain knowledge
7. An ERP product designed by Mechanical Engineers and developed by Software Engineers
8. Increased number of satisfied customers, getting exponentially added in the recent years

Product Details

We Freedom Software Provides both On-Premise and Cloud based ERP Software, Smart CRM as well as Customized application for customer specific requirement

Listed below are the modules covered,
1. CRM
2. Sales
3. Planning
4. Production
5. Quality
6. Purchase
7. QMS
8. Stores
9. Accounts
10. Payroll
11. Maintenance
12. Services
13. Projects

Services :


Our deployment team will provide an extremely informative training to the users of our application associated with our clients business.
*Onsite and online training options
*Bunch of useful training materials
*Documents, process flows, step by step guides, and videos

Quick Deployment:

We do not want you to wait long. We go live in 6 weeks flat! Yes, once both the parties are clear with the work flow,
*entERPrise will be deployed in a clean sweep mode without a single anomaly
*The ready to use attribute of our entERPrise will delight our customers
*The end goal of improved business efficiency could be met sooner

Technical Support :

We have a well trained team to assist you for any issues on both on-premise as well as offshore technical support