Freevision Technologies is a professional supplier of various RFID products, working as the biggest distributor of various RFID chips from EM Micro and other large industry pioneers like NXP, ATMEL in China; Freevision has a large market in the RFID Chip field.

With the development of the market, Freevision begin to R&D new RFID chips including CET5577 chip and Iprox card chip, and also the free Iprox card reader/writer, which make people’s life more convenient.

Now, Freevision begins the new area, invested a factory with professional card manufacturers and start to produce various RFID products including RFID ISO lamination cards, and also R&D some RFID shaped transponders upon customers’ application.

Freevision has a strong technical team which could supply more professional solutions and suggestions, if you have any question about the Smart COS, we could also help you.

Our Vision: Profession, Innovation, Passion