Freezvon international IP-telephony provider: 5 years of successful work  

Freezvon is one of the most desirable and experienced provider in VoIP-telephony industry. People from over 90 countries trust this company and develop their businesses with VoIP-telephony services from Freezvon. From America to Australia, people connecting each other with modern technique based on IP protocol.

Working so many years in telecommunication sphere, Freezvon gained a reputation of reliable, truth-worthy and professional provider of IP telephony services. They provide virtual numbers for all world countries (for calls, SMS, fax, toll free 800 numbers), arrangement of PBX, several helpful features great for office exploitation.

Freezvon presents telephone services distinguished by high-quality of functioning, convenient utilization processes and of course reasonable costs for connection. Qualified, competent and friendly technical staff team is always sleepless and ready to give some help or advice anytime it is comfortable for customer. No matter what time zone clients live in, support experts from Freezvon will give a comprehensive and clear consultation about things connected with their VoIP telephone services.  
For more information on Freezvon’s products, see their official website at https://freezvon.com

About Freezvon project
Freezvon is a popular IP-telephony provider working 5 years in telecom world industry. They offers telephone services with wide functionality at sensible rates. In more than 130 countries, from Europe to New Zealand, people can order Freezvon services for improving their telephony systems, saving means and making talks more enjoyable.
Our Contacts:
•     UK: +44 (800) 61-015-61
•     USA: +1 (800) 91-006-91
•     Russia:
•     +7 (495) 22-326-22
•     +7 (812) 24-49-834
•     Ukraine: +380 (44) 39 -22-910

E-mail: support@freezvon.com
Website: https://freezvon.com