Online Freight Agent School is a company like none other. Our trained staff has years of knowledge and are currently active in moving freight. We not only teach you the industry but we are active in being logistic service providers ourselves. We have partnered with the largest companies in the industry and we can offer you these tools that will allow you to grow and be successful. Online Freight Agent School  has developed the very best program for anyone wanting to become a Freight Broker or Freight Agent and we can guarantee you that you will be satisfied that you joined our School. We constantly spend our time during the work days to be able to create the path for new Agents and Brokers to finally have the resources and expertise to operate their own firm and to be able to grow on a solid foundation with all the necessary tools to do so.
If you’re an individual who has decided to become a freight broker or freight agent then you must first realize that you’re representing yourself…Your own branding, and your skills. Each Agent or Broker must establish their own business and then execute a solid foundation to build from.
That’s exactly what we teach and what we do daily with Brokering firms across the United States. Online Freight Agent School has developed a program that not only teaches you how to move freight and gives you tools to do so, we teach you how to brand yourself as someone different in the industry with dignity and values.  We don’t only teach you how to become a successful freight broker or freight agent, we move freight daily ourselves.
We take you as an agent or as a Broker and help you develop the brand and business habits within the logistic industry and use it to grow your company. Don’t be mistaken, you need more skills than just cold calling….a-lot more if you want to be successful. Online Freight Agent School is going to show how to take your business to the next level and move freight.
Our proven methods work if you apply them and we teach that the most important factor to your business….Is YOU…..
If you have been told by other individuals that you need to make 50 phone calls a day to find shippers then you need to look for another way of learning this industry. Making phone calls just does not work.
Don’t try to build your logistic career by making phone calls only; you need a foundation from where you can grow and setting these practices in place is crucial to your success. All of our Agents and Brokers are given the opportunity to decide what path is best to take on choosing to become a Broker or Agent.  We will however work with you on getting to the point of being comfortable and confident in either logistic field you choose and help you along the way.
Broker Placement
Every Agent that comes threw our course is given the opportunity to join the most cutting edge and growing brokering firm in America that is dedicated to help the individual to move freight consistently. It is the goal of the firm to see you successful and in return the entire brokering firm is successful. Being part of a solid brokering firm is the most important factor when choosing to enter into the logistic career. Your customers will base their decision to do business with you solely on the company that you are representing.