What is Friday Night Jamz??



Friday Night Jamz is a night of music, scripture, testimony, prayer, fellowship, food and fun!!

Friday Night Jamz is a ministry dedicated to providing teens and young adults a venue to worship Our Lord in a manner that is relevant and meaningful to them. It is also an opportunity for youth to witness to youth, and to take The Gospel of Jesus Christ to the mission field of our public schools.


Q. What is the admission Price?

A. friday  night jamz is Free!


Q. When and Where is the next Friday night Jamz meeting?

A. Check our Calendar @ 


Q. What should I bring?

A. Bring your Bible, an open heart and a friend (or two)


Q. How can my church host Friday Night jamz?

A. Visit 


Q. How can I Sing or play for Friday Night Jamz?

A. Visit 


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What we believe!


While we endeavor to offer a different approach to the worship experience, we will not preach a "New Gospel".

We believe the Truth of the Gospel is timeless. The message is as relevant today, as the day it was written.

 All men have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.

The Penalty for sin is Death.

Jesus Christ bore our sin and bled and died on the cross to pay our penalty.

Who ever repents of their sin, and believes in the name of Jesus Christ, shall be saved.

There is no other way by which men are saved.