My plan for office

As citizens of New York State we are facing huge challenges; our earning potential has decreased, while our share of tax burden continues to increase.

At a time when our local economy is in the dumps, our state leaders have failed to deliver any cost cutting.  In fact, New York continues to be at the very top of the list when it comes to income taxes, property taxes, state fees and surcharges, and transportation costs.  This is one of the main reasons why our local economy is struggling.

In a recent article, the NY Times, one of the most liberal newspapers in the country, describes how even wall street is moving all non-geographically essential jobs out of this NYS, in favor of states like Georgia or the Carolinas, citing excessive costs.  

Our own neighborhood realtors have seen many local businesses move across state lines simply because regulations, taxes, and operating costs make it more attractive for them to move their business elsewhere.

Mandates and regulations
Decades of unfunded mandates have added $Billions in needless expenses that not only add to our heavy tax burden, but increase regulations and, hence, decrease our ability to promote free enterprise.  I will endeavor from day one in the Assembly to bring together other district representatives to working with me on tackling legislation to eliminate useless rules, one by one.

For example, by changing rules to allow state agencies to issue plans for construction strictly over the Internet, allowing the various contractors to print the plans as they see fit, we can save $30M per year.  This, and other similar savings opportunities outlined in March 2011 preliminary report on Unfunded Mandates commissioned by Governor Cuomo, will be my roadmap toward achieving cost savings and thus tax relief during my first term.

Our economy
In order to move our economy out of a stall, we need to attack the tedious and costly regulations, occupational licensing requirements, fees and transportation costs that make our state infertile toward business.

But that’s not all.  We need to create a comprehensive program that will attract businesses from emerging technologies and new industries to our state.  We can accomplish this through a comprehensive bill that would provide companies that either create a new business in NY, opt to stay in NY or companies that move their business to NY with substantial tax and financial incentives, both at the corporate and investor level, and expedite regulatory processes.  Such a plan would provide a stimulus to businesses to move to NY and those that are already here – to stay.  

It is totally possible and realistic to think that our very own district could become a hotspot for bio-tech, bringing jobs in research, management, administrative, skilled trades, engineering fields.  And just imagine what an influx of thousands of such jobs would do to our local shops, restaurants, real estate market, and service business.

I see a very bright future for our district, and I will work diligently to create a prosperous environment for all citizens.

Our Schools
Already one of the biggest contributors to our property tax bill, schools impact not only our financial lives, but also the lives of each family and their children.  In this regard, while we cannot compromise our kid’s education, we must help our school administrators, teachers and support personnel to come up with ways to fight against the costly regulations mandated by our State Department of Education.  While complaining about poor school performance and sky-high education costs, our latest budget included the creation of 93 new full time positions at the Department of Education.  It doesn’t make any sense.  It is time that we reduce the costly, and often ill designed regulations imposed by Albany so we return more freedom to our schools, their teachers and administrators.

Our Freedoms
By definition, laws and regulations not only have a cost associated with them, but they restrict our freedoms.  Already referred to as the “nanny state”, New York needs thoughtful individuals that will not just vote NO on bills but will undertake a strenuous fight against the attack on our freedoms.  As your Assemblyman I will utilize all the resources made available to me, both at the state and local level, as well as my inherent abilities, to fight against useless laws in an efficient and effective manner.

A conservative republican, Dario Gristina is a small business owner, residing in Putnam valley with his wife and children.  He is running a primary in the 94th NYS Assembly District against one-term incumbent Steve Katz.