CSMU Technologies Pty Ltd

At CSMU we believe you need to stretch the  realm of the possible, to in-compass the Improbable.
Simply put, many great products or inovations have comefrom ideas or concepts that were previously thought of as improbable and in some cases impossible.

CSMU has brought together some of the brightest technical capable engineers and combined those with a small but clever mix of tradesmen to add what we call the commonsense factor.

we are not big on titles or positions, as we believe this will only hinder the design process. The humble secretary in our company has a vioce that can be heard because sometimes the most technically challenging problems have more simplistic solution often over looked by extremely dedicated narrow focused engineers.

To date this concept has serv ed us extremely well. allowing us to have a impressive concept to production time ratio.

When you have that conceptual idea, It is by far better to entrust this concept with a Team that has all the capabilities to get it to production in the one design house.
This eliminates wasted time, duplicity and intergration problems.

currently our engineering capabilities include: Avionics,Mechanical, Automotive, IT systems, electronic control hardware and software.

If you have an idea for a product and need a design team dont go out and hire staff that will be come surplus to your needs after they have complete that project.

LET -- CSMU Technologies be the TEAM for you