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Our Must Reads for this Month (unique content!):
"Noughties Hairstyles"
Salon Duty...doing your friends hair...
What's in the Genes?
The Skin Bleaching Debate...
World Cup 2010 Soccer Hairstyles...
Stay tuned for more...

Blonde Ambitions...
Classic Hair Colour...
Money Saving Tips
more on the way...

Just for Fun:
See our latest video-blogs:
•     JK wedding – it was the third most viewed video on YouTube during 2009 and now there’s a sequel, ‘JK Divorce’.
•     Remember ‘We Are the World’  - there’s a new version out to support the Haiti Earthquake relief fund. Take a look and decide which version is better for yourself.
•     “Jamie Olivoil” – we love Jamie Oliver but does he use too much olive oil?... see the funny video here.

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