Ron Lyons started in real estate back in the '80s and although he's owned multiple other businesses and worked for years as a police officer, Lyons has never left real estate. In fact, many of his family are in real estate as well, making it a real family business.

Lyons works primarily in the Frisco, Prosper, Celina, and McKinney areas of Texas (known as the "golden" or "Growth Corridor" but can practice real estate anywhere in texas.

No stranger to investing, land deals or residential and commercial leases, Ron Lyons usually gets called upon to work his magic in the selling and purchase of residential homes.

As the voice of the super popular 'Ron Lyons Real estate Show" on iTunes, and the creator for the Ron Lyons Realty YouTube Channel, Lyons stays busy educating buyers and sellers and setting the standard in real estate.

Lyons has a philosophy that true negotiations are a thing of the past in real estate today. In fact, real estate has largely become a "fall back" profession for many people who have chosen to do the job because of the ease of getting a real estate license and the alure of easy money. Of course, the reality is that there is no easy money and as such, many people roll right back out of real estate after they figure this out.

The problem for today's buyers and sellers is that they fall into that middle ground where a real estate agent is learning, but not fully tested and proven. Countless thousands of dollars may be lost or never realized when trust is placed in the under-experienced or unqualified real estate agent.

As a former police officer, Ron Lyons has what is called "command presence" and he brings this to the real estate world. Instead of just being a semi-qualified form filler, Lyons actually takes charge and truly negotiates. The reality is that many agents learn some great, albeit tough, lessons when working a deal with Lyons. He is a go-getter that is highly motivated and always works above and beyond for his clients.

Ron Lyons is available to media contacts and consultations as well as working on behalf of those wishing to complete a real estate based transaction.

Legal: Ron Lyons is a Texas Realtor, Citiwide Alliance Realty, Josh Thai, Broker.