Founded in 2009, Frosty Tech is a custom engineering and eco-innovation group. They provide premium temperature solutions with their patented cooling technology, especially in cold chain.  

Invention runs in our founder John Bergida's DNA. John’s great-grandfather, Ralph T. Ross, invented the first car locks that were put on the Model-T Ford, as well the bobby pin hair clip. Grandpa Ross received patents but never commercialized them.  

Benedictine College, John's Alma Mater,  hosts an Annual Big Idea Competition where contestants ride a trolley bus and pitch their ideas for a product or business.  John won his senior year with the idea for a self-cooling beverage can and used the funds to file his first patent.

Grandpa Ross’ story inspired John to start his own company. The Dean at the time of Benedictine’s Business School introduced John to Kansas City Businessman Steve Sharpe and Chemist David Leavitt. These connections unlocked many technological and business opportunities.

Steve became Frosty Tech’s first investor and is our current CEO. He directs new business inquiries, interacts with our partners and licensees, and oversees investor relations. As a serial entrepreneur, he brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the team.

David worked with John to develop our sustainable and efficient cooling formula found in all our products. He currently leads the development of our long-term projects including closed-loop refrigeration, new membrane technologies,  textiles, and Zero Power Cooling.

In 2019, Frosty Tech teamed up with Pelton Shepherd Industries to release our first product available for sale, Enviro Ice.