We started our activity in Portugal in 1997. In 2008, Frotcom started expanding operations to other countries, with a very quick and steady growth. Frotcom is now distributed in more than 40 countries across the globe, through a network of highly qualified Frotcom Certified Partners. In my opinion this success is based on three main factors.

First, Frotcom is 100% focused on company fleets, we gathered many years of experience and know exactly the needs of fleet managers.

Second, we do not compromise on quality; we all know that cheap and reliable are not synonyms; and our customers need to rely completely on a solid fleet management solution.

And finally, we work through a worldwide network of Frotcom Certified Partners, local companies which know very well their national markets and needs and are continuously committed to ensure a great service to customers.

We’ve come a long way with a solid reputation and you may rest assured that we will be here to help you in your goal of optimizing your fleet.


In an ever competitive market, companies will need intelligent tools to ensure the efficient use of their fleets, thus maximizing productivity and safety, at the same time minimizing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Frotcom will fulfill that need by providing the most intelligent solutions for professional fleet management.


Frotcom will integrate state-of-the-art telematics with user-friendly software and powerful analytics algorithms, providing a comprehensive SaaS fleet intelligence toolkit which will enable companies to optimize their fleets’ performances.