Full of Life Fitness was founded by Heather Binns, CPT in 2008 to satisfy the desires of those who want to live a healthy lifestyle and to be strong, lean and fit for the rest of their life.

At Full of Life Fitness we use results-based training programs that provide you with a healthy, fun and motivating fitness environment. What we care most about is YOU!  

Owned and operated in North Hollywood of Southern California, Full of Life Fitness is your solution to:
  - Detail-oriented, safe and customized training programs to see results.
  - Losing fat and building muscle safely and efficiently.
  - Optimizing your training time for greater results.
  - Feeling energized, sexy, and lean while having fun at the same time.

Other companies offer similar services, but our services are superior and truly detailed with a personal touch.

Heather herself has been an athlete for years and wants to educate you and help you find what fit lifestyle you can enjoy the most!

Why Full of Life Fitness?
Our purpose at Full of Life Fitness is to provide high-quality fitness coaching for those that have taken a long break from, or have problems being committed to, physical fitness. We help you find your Athlete Within, whether it has been buried for a while or has never been found.

Our goal is to be a leader in personalized fitness coaching and provide extraordinary customer service. We accomplish this by providing results - from the deconditioned to the elite athlete. We have the best training programs in the area and we’ll prove it to our members everyday. We are continuously striving to better ourselves and truly create the world’s most effective fitness training system.

At Full of Life Fitness, we focus on educating you while providing a healthy, positive, fun and lively atmosphere. Our commitment to high-end, quality fitness is realized through customer satisfaction and employee enrichment.

Our Full of Life Fitness culture is based upon 12 core values that form the foundation on which we conduct ourselves and maintain our business.

Full of Life Fitness Core Values:
 1.  Passion for fitness and healthy lifestyles
 2.  Integrity and fairness
 3.  Extraordinary customer service
 4.  High-quality products and services
 5.  Organization and thoroughness
 6.  Attitude - smiles, fun and lively atmosphere
 7.  Continuous pursuit of education
 8.  A team approach
 9.  Community consciousness
10.  Cultural diversity
11.  Environmental consciousness
12.  Profitability

At Full of Life Fitness we use results-driven and client-centered fitness coaching methods to provide a functional alternative to typical big box gyms and private training studios. We incorporate ongoing educational activities into our programs to be a successful leader in functional and effective fitness training for our staff. In addition, we continually educate our members so they successfully change their unhealthy lifestyle habits for a more fulfilled life. We are the best part of our member’s day everyday!

We value YOU! Our commitment to your experience can only be accomplished by providing you with honest, prompt and quality service, listening to and solving your queries and inquiries, as well as receiving your feedback on your experience with Full of Life Fitness.