Full Spirited Flavours is a liqueur-infused cake business located in Schwenksville, PA. These cakes come in four signature flavours: Limoncello, Amaretto, Chocolate Raspberry, and Mango Coconut Rum. The three co-founding sisters were confident in their ability to provide a unique Liqueur cake business that would stand apart from other alcohol cake companies.

The sisters have drawn attention to their infusion process to get their cakes into top-notch restaurants, such as the Limoncello Ristorantes in both West Chester and Chester Springs, PA. Full Spirited Flavours’ size selections, use of quality liqueurs, and unique infusion process makes them stand above their competition. Co-Founding sisters, Carole Algier, Sue Katein and Kathy Lanyon are ready to add an additional product line to their brand, to be announced, and obtain a larger facility.